The story behind

The idea

Growing up with a passion for finance and the stock market I had several positions in the Financial Advisory, Asset & Wealth Management and Index world.

Besides my professional career, I´ve used plenty of financial websites. However, most of them were only accessible with a paid subscription plan. Therefore I had to pay to different financial platforms to get the information I was interested in.

With the frustration of paying a lot of money for various features on different financial platforms, I had the idea to build my own financial platform, which not only covers the US Market but also will offer many tools and features at an attractive and affordable price.

Development phase

After pitching my idea in 2020 to a very good friend, we built together the first prototype. However, a very tough and challenging phase, with some ups and downs, taught me a lot and I´ve never lost the trust and belief in myself as well as the idea behind the financial platform.

The launch

After relocating to Berlin, together with an amazing developer, we have spent tons of time building a cutting-edge financial platform that is ready to launch in November 2022.

With the release of finqube.io, we provide access to 50+ Exchanges and 40.000+ stocks. The key feature will be the in-depth stock analysis with our iSqore-Rating which should help to understand where a company has its strengths and weaknesses. Besides other amazing features, we calculate a stock’s Fair Value, so stock investors can make their own decision.

Finqube.io wants to simplify everything.


Founded in Frankfurt


Relocation to Berlin


Launch of finqube.io

Brand Identity

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